Inverness Fours and Small Boats Heads

At the Inverness Fours and Small Boats Heads on the Caledonian Canal on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November, crews from the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association recorded a total of 11 category wins.


Division 1

  • Men’s Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Harris MacDonald, Scott Lewis, Connor Kennedy & Michel Dearsley, coxed by William Bricknell
  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Sam Kelso, Miles Beeson, Robert Powell & Theo Stott, coxed by Hannah Watson

Division 2

  • Men’s Novice Coxed Fours: Harris MacDonald, Wiiliam Bricknell, Scott Lewis & Michel Dearsley, coxed by Ben Milne
  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Fours: Conrad Forbes, Miles Beeson, Robert Powell & Theo Stott
  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours; Abigail Topp, Ellie Andrew, Megan Lewis & Megan Hewison, coxed by Hannah Watson


Division 1

  • Men’s Junior 14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls:  Joe Ritchie, Alex Fowler, Angus White & Will Cooper, coxed by Jayros James
  • Men’s Junior 16 Coxed Fours: Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Connor Kennedy
  • Men’s Junior 18 Single Sculls; Robert Powell
  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Abigail Topp & Megan Hewison

Division 2

  • Men’s Junior 15 Double Sculls: Ashley Geddes & Archie Innes
  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Seth Turner & Jakub Zbikowski

Next weekend Miles Beeson, Robert Powell, Theo Stott and Abigail Topp will take part in the early ID selection trials for the GB Junior squad at Boston in Lincolnshire 

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Inverness Head

Thirty-four athletes of the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association travelled to compete in the Inverness Head over the 4500m Caledonian Canal course. In mild conditions, with a slight tail wind to help them along, all crews put in positive performances over the four divisions.

Category wins were secured for:

Men’s Restricted 2 Eights – Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Danny Skinner, Daniel Lynch, Alexander Beeson, Aidan Graham, Sam Kelso, Jakub Zbikowski and Michael McCrory (cox);

Women’s Junior 18 Eights – Abigail Topp, Megan Hewison, Megan Lewis, Ellie Andrew, Fiona Emsley, Laura Barraclough, Skye Balance, Stephany Low and Michel Dearsley (cox);

Men’s Junior 16 Coxless Quad – Aidan Graham, Danny Skinner, Daniel Lynch and Sam Kelso;

Men’s Restricted 2 Pairs – Conrad Forbes and Theo Stott;

Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Quad – Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Aidan Graham and Sam Kelso; This was unopposed as our other crew scratched, but they got a medal

Men’s Junior 14 Coxed Quad – Ashley Geddes, Archie Innes, Oscar Forbes, Matthew Hughson and Hannah Holland (cox);

Men’s Junior 18 Pairs – Conrad Forbes and Theo Stott;

Women’s Junior 18 Fours – Abigail Topp, Ellie Andrew, Megan Lewis, Megan Hewison and Laura Barraclough (cox).

Well done to all our athletes, coaches and parents; who made this an enjoyable and successful weekend.

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Inverness HORR

At the Inverness Head of the River Race on the Caledonian Canal on Saturday 16th February there was unfortunately no junior opposition for our J18 entries. Both eights however put up excellent performances with the girls ending up 7th overall and the boys 11th out of a total entry of 34.

Our boys - Atholl Wallace, Gary Wilson, Lewis Morton, Jonnay Wright, Lewis Masson, Niall Rundle, Christy Masson, Blair Sorbie and cox Bruce Sorbie - a novice crew with only one R2 aboard - came in with the highly respectable time of 18.59 which beat the winning time of the Men's Novice Eight from Dundee University by over half a minute over the 5K course.

Our girls with 5 Nat. Champs. junior medallists on board - Lucy Bonnamy, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel, Catriona Bain & Rachael Hadjitofi, ably supported by novices Rosie Morton, Fiona McKinnon & Holly Reid and coxed by Niall Ford - would clearly be expected to fare better when compared with their adult counterparts and did not disappoint us as they romped home in some style with a recorded time of 18.35. This time was only bettered by that put up by a fearsome composite eight from Castle Semple, Glasgow Rowing Club, Dundee University & Clydesdale ARC and with it they would have won the WR2 8s section outright and been second in WR1 8s.

A great opener for the 2008 season for both the boys and the girls from ASRA but we must be prepared for a backlash from ABC, AUBC & RGU crews at the Aberdeen Eights Head next week.

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