Castle Semple Regatta

On Saturday 30th May at the Castle Semple Regatta, Lochwinnoch, ASRA crews, still tired from their exertions at the National Schools Regatta the previous weekend, recorded a splendid total of 12 category wins, rowing in many cases above their actual rowing age.

• Men's Open Fours: Gregor Duncan, Ollie Kinghorn, Lawrence Jennings & Alistair Frost, coxed by Seth Turner
• Men's Restricted 2 Coxless Pairs: Lawrence Jennings & Alistair Frost
• Men's Junior 15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Daniel Lynch, Miles Beeson, Aidan Graham & Sam Kelso, coxed by Laura Barraclough
• Men's Junior 15 Double Sculls: Daniel Lynch & Aidan Graham
• Men's Junior 15 Single Sculls: Robert Powell
• Men's Junior 13 Double Sculls: Vaibhav Chetty & Jakub Zbikowski
• Men's Junior 13 Single Sculls: Seth Turner
• Mixed R2 Double Sculls: Andrew Main & Ginny Douglas
• Mixed Novice Double Sculls: Lawrence Jenning & Katherine Lawrie
• Women's R2 Eights: Cara Leslie, Molly McAra, Cecily Burnett-Stuart, Eilish Murphy, Katherine Lawrie, Ginny Douglas, Sam Cassidy & Sade Hudgell-Igweke, coxed by Emma Quinn
• Women's R2 Fours: Cecily Burnett-Stuart, Eilish Murphy, Sam Cassidy & Sade Hudgell-Igweke
• Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Megan Hewison, Ellie Andrew, Abigail Topp & Alyssa Egido, coxed by Stephany Low

Well done to all who took part and made the day such a success, and particular thanks again to our long-suffering drivers.

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National Schools Regatta

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