GB Junior Selection Trials

At the GB Junior Selection Trials at Boston (Lincolnshire) on 18th and 19th February the Scottish pairing of Polly Swann of Heriot's and our own Seonaid Crosby could only manage a disappointing 7th place out of 11 over the timed 5K course. A particularly galling result since our girls were a clear second at the the 2500 metre mark. All is not lost yet however since it is almost certain that the girls' performance was good enough to ensure an invitation back to the Peterborough Closed Trials (over 7 kilometres this time!) on the 12th of March.

Both Polly and Seonaid will in fact race at Women's Tideway in a GB Junior Eight on the 11th March and have not been required to take part in the Peterborough Closed Trial on the 12th. They have also been invited to move on directly to the next stage in the GB selection process - the Spring Assessments at the National Watersport Centre, Nottingham from the 1st to 3rd April.

Scottish Schools HORR
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