Glasgow HORR

On Saturday 27th November at the Glasgow Rowing Club Head of the River Race in miserably cold and wet conditions ASRA recorded the only category win in the event for an Aberdeen club. Congratulations to our WJ15 Four - Beady Rice (14), Lucy Bonnamy (14), Seonaid Crosby (15), Jamie Steel (12) and cox Atholl Wallace (11) - on a magnificent win by a nail-biting one second over powerful opposition from George Heriot's of Edinburgh. An indication of how fast these two crews were on the day is given by the fact that they both beat the times put up the two composite (ABC, AUBC & RGU) Aberdeen Women's Restricted 1 Crews by 7 & 8 seconds respectively.

The coaching team were extremely proud of the way in which all our members bore the freezing conditions so cheerfully and philosophically and contributed so massively to club morale throughout the day, particularly the members of the WJ15 B crew who were unable to row because of eleventh hour withdrawals. A special word of praise too for our novice coxes (all aged 11) - Jack Hughes, Daniel McSherry & Niall Rundle - who brought home their crews and boats unscathed through all the hazards of an extremely crowded Clyde.

With 181 crews coming under starter's orders on 13/14 November this was the biggest Aberdeen Head ever. Fourteen new course records were set up over the weekend and our crews - still mainly scratch at this time in the year - struggled to cope with the strength in depth of the Junior opposition provided by George Heriot's, George Watson's and Strathclyde Park Rowing Clubs. Our fledgling sculling squad in particular was unable despite some good performances to record a single win.

Pride of place on this occasion must go to our Womens Junior 14 Coxed Four - Beady Rice, Katrina Grimm, Rhona Miller, Jamie Steel & cox Erin Grieve which with a time of 13.57 not only set up a new course record for their age group but also beat our Womens Junior 16 Coxed Four and Mens Junior 15 Coxed Four in so doing. The same crew (coxed by Marlene Grimm) went on to win Womens Junior 15 Coxed Four in the Second Division on Saturday.

Other wins came in Womens R2 Pairs - Seonaid Crosby & Rowena Burrows - and Mens J14 Fours with Lewis McAra, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace, Johnathan Wright & cox Niall Rundle.

Scottish National Indoor Championships
Glasgow HORR

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