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News and Results

North East Coronation Regatta 2023

At the North East Coronation Regatta 2023 ASRA once again dominated the event, winning the Championship of the Dee over the competition from Aberdeen and St Andrews University. The athletes won an impressive 14 events on both Saturday and Sunday, a fantastic 28 out of the available 56 events over the weekend.

Saturday Winners

  • WNov 8+ - Lily A, Grace W, Abbie P, Marie G, Emily J, Sophie J, Jem A, Gabs T, coxed by Logan K
  • OR2 4+ - Murray B, Sam D, Magnus H, Harris Pe, coxed by Samuel C
  • ONov 4+ - Rory T, Nic D, Finlay M, John F, coxed by Hugo L
  • WR2 4+ - Ella B, Sophie S, Tamara B, Freya H, coxed by Samuel C
  • OJ15 4x+ - Gavin P, Luke M, Iain P, Luke R, coxed by Harris Pa
  • OJ14 4x+ - Gavin P, Luke M, Iain P, Luke R, coxed by Iona D
  • OJ13 4x+ - Harris Pa, Sandy B, Iona D, Jenn E, coxed by Luke R
  • WJ15 4x+ - Gabs T, Grace W, Marie G, Emily J, coxed by Luke M
  • WJ14 4x+ - Natalia T, Sabi B, Mackenzie P, Lottie M, coxed by Euan S
  • O2- - Murray B, Magnus H
  • OJ18 2- - Henrik G, Callum S
  • WJ18 2- - Freya H, Ella B
  • WNov 2x - Isla P, Ella J
  • OJ16 2x - John F, Finlay M

Sunday Winners

  • WR1 8+ - Ella B, Charlotte A, Anna D, Sophie S, Tamara B, Maggie S, Penny I, Freya H, coxed by Lily A
  • WNov 4+ - Emily J, Sophie J, Jem A, Gabs T, coxed by Abbie P
  • OR2 2- - Henrik G, Callum S
  • WO 2- - Ella B, Charlotte A
  • ONov 2x - Hugo L, Finlay M
  • OJ14 2x - Luke M, Iain P
  • OJ13 2x - Harris Pa, Euan S
  • WJ15 2x - Gabs T, Emily J
  • WJ14 2x - Mackenzie P, Lottie M
  • WJ13 2x - Ines D, Jenn E
  • WNov 1x - Gabs T
  • OJ15 1x - John F
  • OJ14 1x - Iain P
  • WJ14 1x - Ines D

The whole weekend was a feat of organisation and boat swapping so a massive thank you to all of the parents who came to help pass wellies, boat crews and wrangle the troops in general as well as a huge well done to all of the kids for being so well organised and keeping a very busy day running on time.

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