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Scot Champs

Scot Champs (2- 4th June)

At the start of June ASRA travelled down to Glasgow with a total of 50 athletes to compete at the Scottish Championships, where the weekend took place with a rare show of fantastic hot weather, still water and sunshine at Strathclyde Park. Glasgow being the hottest place in the UK that weekend, clocking in at highs of 25 degrees: a temperature not often faced by the athletes in Aberdeen. Medals were won at all age groups with some very impressive and exciting racing across the two days. A highlight of the weekend included Lottie M and Ines DK winning gold in the WJ14 2x in a very impressive and dominant performance that only got stronger throughout the race and through each round. Another impressive performance came from our J18 girls who put a stamp on the WJ18 4- event, never giving their opposition from The Glasgow Academy the chance to catch them to win gold and the ‘B” four from ASRA also pushing the 4- from TGA from behind to come in bronze. On the boys side, our dominant J18 boys once again put in an impressive display, winning the J18 hat-trick - J18 pairs, coxed and coxless fours across the weekend. Murray and Magnus decided that that wasn’t quite enough for them though, putting in a big fight right to the line against one of our own ASRA FPs - Xander Beeson from Glasgow University - to also win Open Pairs. Overall, a fantastic weekend had by all, well done! Full list of medals below:

Gold Medals

  • WJ14 2x (Lottie M, Ines DK)
  • WJ18 4- (Freya H, Ella B, Maggie S, Tamara B)
  • WNov 4+ (Gabs T, Emily J, Thea A, Marie G, Lily A (cox))
  • WJ16 4+ (Gabs T, Jem A, Sophie J, Emily J, Abbie P (cox))
  • W4- (Composite incl. Zoe B)
  • W2- (Composite incl. Zoe B)
  • ONov 4+ (John F, Finlay M, Nic D, Rory T, Lily A (cox))
  • O2- (Murray B, Magnus H)
  • OJ18 2- (Murray B, Magnus H)
  • OJ18 4- (Harris Pe, Murray B, Magnus H, Sam D)
  • OJ18 4+ (Harris Pe, Murray B, Magnus H, Sam D, Lily A (cox))

Silver Medals

  • WJ14 4x+ (Sabi B, Lottie M, Mackenzie P, Natalia T, Iona D (cox))
  • W8+ (Freya H, Penny I, Maggie S, Tamara B, Sophie S, Anna D, Charlotte A, Ella B, Lily A (cox)
  • OJ14 4x+ (Luke R, Iain P, Luke M, Gavin P, Iona D (cox))
  • OJ15 4x+ (John F, Finlay M, Hugo L, Nic D, Rory T (cox))
  • ONov 4x+ (Henrik G, John F, Finlay M, Ella B, Ella J (cox))
  • OJ16 1x (Callum S)

Bronze Medals

  • WJ18 4- (Charlotte A, Anna D, Sophie S, Penny I)
  • WJ18 2- (Ella B, Freya H)
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