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Aberdeen Fours Head Races 2019

At the 2019 Aberdeen Fours Head Races on the Dee on Saturday 26. October, ASRA’s top boys put in strong performances to record the fastest time over the course in both divisions for the second year in succession. In most other categories, University Rowing Aberdeen (URA) composites dominated, but ASRA’s girls did well to pull off a win against the odds in Women’s Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls.

Open Men’s Coxless Fours & Fastest Crew in Division 1

Oscar Forbes, Gregor Charles, Ashley Geddes and Matthew Hughson

Open Men’s Coxless Quadruple Sculls & Fastest Time in Division 2

Matthew Hughson, Ashley Geddes, Jakub Zbikowski and Oscar Forbes

Women’s Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls

Freya Hughson, Emma Atkinson, Ella Johnston and Sophie Sinclair, coxed Zoe Beeson

Unfortunately Sunday’s scheduled Small Boats Heads had to be cancelled due to gusting 40 mph winds causing dangerously rough water conditions especially on the upper reaches of the course.

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta 2019

At the annual Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Saturday 31st August on the Dee, ASRA was the most successful of the six clubs taking part, amassing a total of 80 points over the day’s racing. Runners up were Stirling Rowing Club with 72 points. ASRA’s 14 category winners were:

  • Men’s Restricted 1 Coxed Fours: Michel Dearsley, Scott Lewis, Euan Fowler & Alex Beeson, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • Men’s Novice Double Sculls: William Penny & Gregor Charles
  • Men’s J16 Double Sculls: Will Cooper & William Lawson
  • Men’s Open Single Sculls: Jakub Zbikowski
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Single Sculls: Euan Fowler
  • Men’s Novice Single Sculls: Michel Dearsley
  • Men’s J16 Single Sculls: William Lawson
  • Women’s Restricted 2 Coxless Pairs: Zoe Beeson & Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s J15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Erin Gibson, Phoebe McCraith, Gabrielle Topp & Emily Simpson, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • Women’s J16 Double Sculls: Zoe Beeson & Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s J14 Double Sculls: Charlotte Reynolds & Freya Hughson
  • Women’s J16 Single Sculls: Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s Duathlon (Run + 1x) : Maisie Aspinall
  • Men’s Duathlon (Run + 1x) : Alex Beeson
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North East Regatta Aberdeen

On Saturday, 4th May at Aberdeen’s own North East Regatta, ASRA’s younger members were taking what might be for them the first steps on the long road to GB selection, by recording impressive wins in three adult events:

  • Women’s Novice Double Sculls: Maisie Aspinall & Zoe Beeson
  • Open Novice Double Sculls: Alex Fowler & Joe Ritchie
  • Open Novice Coxed Fours: Alex Fowler, Will Cooper, Joe Ritchie & Christy Probart, coxed by Erin Gibson
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Aberdeen Eights Head on the Dee 2019

On Saturday 9th March at the annual Aberdeen Eights Head on the Dee, Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association’s J16 Eight beat all comers - including staunch opposition from an Aberdeen /Robert Gordon Universities’ composite, Glasgow and Dundee universities - to win both the first and second divisions outright.

It was a great warm up for this crew – Matthew Hughson, Archie Innes, Ashley Geddes, Gregor Charles, Harris Macdonald, Michel Dearsley, Scott Lewis & Oscar Forbes, coxed by Skye Ballance – who, next Friday ( March 15th) are off to the Thames to do battle at the Schools’ Head against what sounds like a Who’s Who of the best in Junior British Rowing, including Eton College, St Paul’s , Radley, Hampton and Westminster Schools. This ASRA crew in fact won the J15 Eights division in this race last year, but the step-up to J16 is a considerable one.

They will be joined on the Thames by ASRA’s J17 Four – Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski – who won the J16 division pennant in this event last year.

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Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats Head

At the Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats Head Races on the Dee on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October, ASRA athletes recorded an impressive number of category wins against senior opposition from Aberdeen Boat Club, Deeside Scullers, Tay Rowing Club and Heart of Scotland Boat Club as well as student crews from Aberdeen, Robert Gordon, Glasgow, Heriot- Watt, Dundee and St Andrews Universities.


Division 1:

  • Men’s Open Coxless Fours: Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Coxed Fours: Oscar Forbes, Ashley Geddes, Gregor Charles & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Steph Low
  • Women’s Quadruple Sculls: Megan Hewison, Abigail Topp, Holly Reid (RGU) & Zoe Beeson

Division 2:

  • Men’s Under 18 Coxed Fours: Oscar Forbes, Ashley Geddes, Gregor Charles & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Steph Low


Division 1:

  • Men’s Under 18 Single Sculls: Matthew Hughson
  • Women’s Restricted 2 Single Sculls: Megan Hewison
  • Men’s Novice Single Sculls: Harris MacDonald
  • Women’s Novice Double Sculls: Zoe Beeson & Freya Hughson

Division 2:

  • Men’s Junior 18 Pairs: Oscar Forbes & Matthew Hughson
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Single Sculls: Jakub Zbikowski
  • Women’s Restricted 2 Coxless Pairs: Abigail Topp & Megan Hewison
  • Men’s Novice Double Sculls: Will Cooper & Angus White


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Scottish Schools' Head of the River 2018

IMG 1511a

On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October, the annual Bob Neill Scottish Schools’ Rowing Council Head of the River Races were held for the first time ever on the River Dee over a timed 3 kilometre course from the Victoria Bridge to the Ruthrieston Burn. 240 crews representing all the major junior rowing clubs in Scotland competed over the two days of the event. On Saturday, the Aberdeen Schools’ Rowing Association won the Scottish Junior Club Fours Champions’ Cup for the 9th year in succession, but by a much decreased margin, and on Sunday, despite collecting 8 category winners’ pennants and recording the fastest time in any sculling boat over the course, ASRA had to concede defeat in the end (and the Scottish Junior Club Champions’ Sculling Trophy) to brilliant opposition from the Glasgow Schools’ Rowing Association.

Winners’ Pennants went to the following ASRA crews listed here in finishing time order:

Saturday (SSRC Fours Head)

  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours and Fastest Crew overall: Jakub Zbikowski (Harlaw), Xander Beeson(Albyn), Ashley Geddes(Harlaw) & Seth Turner(Cults), coxed by Stephanie Low (Grammar)
  • Men’s Junior 16 Coxed Fours: Michel Dearsley (Cults), Scott Lewis (Mearns), William Penny (Grammar) & Harris MacDonald (Albyn), coxed by Angus White (Albyn)
  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Abigail Topp (Kemnay), Megan Hewison (Gordon’s),Megan Lewis (Mearns) & Maisie Aspinall (Cults), coxed by Skye Balance (Cults)

Sunday (SSRC Sculling Head)

  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Quadruple Sculls and Fastest Crew: Jakub Zbikowski (Harlaw), Xander Beeson (Albyn), Scott Lewis ( Mearns) & Seth Turner (Cults)
  • Men’s Junior 16 Coxless Quadruple Sculls: Matthew Hughson (Grammar), Archie Innes (Harlaw), Ashley Geddes (Grammar) & Oscar Forbes ( Albyn)
  • Men’s Junior 18 Double Sculls; Jakub Zbikowski (Harlaw) & Seth Turner (Cults)
  • Men’s Junior 16 Double Sculls: Matthew Hughson (Grammar) & Oscar Forbes (Albyn)
  • Men’s Junior 15 Sculls: Alex Fowler (Albyn) & Joe Ritchie (Grammar)
  • Men’s Junior 18 Single Sculls: Jakub Zbikowski (Harlaw)
  • Men’s Junior 15 Quadruple Sculls: Will Cooper Angus White, Alex Fowler (all Albyn) & Joe Ritchie (Grammar), coxed by Jayros James (Cults)
  • Women’s Junior 14 Single Sculls: Zoe Beeson (Albyn)


Photographs from the event are available to view in the Photo Gallery.



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Aberdeen Eights Head of the River

rowing 2715 exp

At the Aberdeen Eights Head of the River on Saturday17th February, ASRA’s Junior 18 squad continued the fine form it had shown at the Inverness heads by winning both divisions at a canter against opposition from all three local clubs – Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen Boat Club – as well as sizeable entries from Inverness Rowing Club and St Andrews University. Second on both occasions were members of ASRA’s highly promising Junior 15 squad.

Winners in Division 1

  • Men’s R2 Eights: Sam Kelso, Conrad Forbes, Seth Turner, Theo Stott, Danny Skinner, Jakub Zbikowski, Josh Berrie & Aidan Graham, coxed by Michael McCrory
  • Men’s J15 Eights: Harris MacDonald, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis, William Bricknell, Michael Dersley, Oscar Forbes,Archie innes & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Balance

Winners in Divison 2

  • Men’s Open Eights: Sam Kelso, Conrad Forbes, Alexander Beeson, Chris Bardas, Danny Skinner, Theo Stott, Josh Berrie & Aidan Graham, coxed by Michael McCrory
  • Men’s Novice Eights: Harris MacDonald, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis, Michael Dearsley, Gregor Charles, Oscar Forbes, Archie Innes & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Balance

Meanwhile down in Boston, Lincolnshire, at the GB Junior Long Distance Trials, ASRA athletes were taking important steps towards selection for GB teams at either this years’ Junior World Rowing Champs or the Coupe de la Jeunesse. Miles Beeson & Robert Powell, gold Medallists the Coupe in 2017 in the GB eight, came a brilliant third in their coxless pair in a field of 39 and Megan Hewison, in a scratch pairing with a partner from the Isle of Wight, came third in the equivalent junior women’s event.

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Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats Head of the River Races

At the Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats Head of the River Races on the Dee on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, ASRA athletes recorded an impressive series of category wins against representative Junior and Senior crews from all over Scotland.

Saturday (Fours Heads)

Division 1

  • Men’s Open Coxless Fours (and fastest crew overall in Division 1) Conrad Forbes, Miles Beeson, Robert Powell & Theo Stott
  • Men’s Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Matthew Hughson, Ashley Geddes, Archie Innes, Oscar Forbes, coxed by Connor Kennedy
  • Women’s Open Coxed Fours: Abigail Topp, Ellie Andrew, Megan Lewis & Megan Hewison, coxed by Skye Balance

Division 2

  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Danny Skinner, Josh Berrie, Conrad Forbes, Aidan Graham, coxed by Joe Ritchie
  • Men’s Junior 15 Coxed Fours: Michel Dearsley, William Bricknell, Scott Lewis, Harris MacDonald, coxed by Daniel Lynch

Sunday (Small Boats Heads)

Division 1

  • Men’s J15 Double Sculls: Ashley Geddes, Archie Innes
  • Men’s Junior 16 Coxless Pairs: Seth Turner & Jakub Zbikowski
  • Men’s Novice Single Sculls: Matthew Hughson

Division 2

  • Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Zander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski
  • Open Junior 18 Octuple Sculls: Matthew Hughson, Ashley Geddes, Izzy McTamney, Zoe Beeson, Alex Fowler, Will Cooper, Connor Kennedy, Skye Balance coxed by Abigail Topp
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Single Sculls: Daniel Lynch
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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

On Saturday 19 August, ASRA athletes joined in the fun of the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta.

Competing against two other ASRA crews, the winners of the Open Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls were the crew of Archie Innes, William Bricknell, Connor Kennedy and Harris Pearce, coxed by Skye Ballance.

In a straight final between two ASRA crews, Seth Turner and Sam Kelso triumphed in the Open Restricted 1 Double Sculls.

In the Women’s Novice Coxed Four, ASRA’s Skye Ballance, Steph Low, Meg Lewis and Iona Adams, coxed by Cheyanne Taylor won an exciting semi-final against one Aberdeen Boat Club crew before succumbing to a second ABC crew in the final.

In Open Restricted 2 Single Sculls, our best placed athlete was the runner up Theo Stott. Theo had beaten Sam Kelso in the semi-final but lost to ABC’s Thomas Little who had already despatched Josh Berrie and Seth Turner en-route to victory.

ASRA athletes flooded the Open Novice Single Sculls with a field of 13 and provided what was arguably the most entertaining series of racing of the day. The deserving victor was Oscar Forbes who held on for tight “canvas” wins in his semi-final against Scott Lewis and in the final against Michel Dearsley. Well done to all who took part in these races – a couple of whom had literally only been out in a single one or two times but were up for the challenge of taking part.

The ASRA crew of Skye Ballance, Steph Low, Iona Adams and Cheyanne Taylor were runners up in the Women’s Coxed Quadruple Sculls.

Sam Kelso and Conrad Forbes steered an interesting line, but a straighter one than their opponents Seth Turner and Theo Stott to win the closest race of the day; 2 feet the winning margin in Open Restricted 2 Pairs.

The winners of a six crew field in Open Junior 14 Double Sculls were Ashley Geddes and Archie Innes.

Not to be outdone by our Novice Men, a total of nine entries were made in Women’s Novice Single Sculls from ASRA, ABC and Inverness. Skye Ballance sculled her socks off to win her three races and the gold medal. Again, well done to all our entrants in this event.

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Aberdeen Scratch Regatta

Results table from the Aberdeen Scratch Regatta held on May 7th

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2009 Results - November

On Saturday 28th November at the Rutherford Head over a 5k course on the River Tyne, illness and injury caused many readjustments to the original crews as entered. Nevertheless the Men's Under 18 Coxed Fours medals went to ASRA's Niall Rundle (Aberdeen Grammar School) Daniel McSherry (Harlaw Academy),Gary Wilson (Aberdeen College), Lewis McCue (Harlaw Academy) & cox Emily Thomson (Cults Academy).

In the second division a scratch ASRA Intermediate 3 Eight then came 13th out of 18 in a highly competitive university-dominated field and in doing so managed to beat Aberdeen University's entry by 5 seconds.

Our J16 girls however - Emily Geddes, Christie Duff, Holly Reid & Morven Shaw coxed by Emily Thomson - went down rather disappointingly to their rapidly improving Heriot's opposite numbers for the first time. Holly had already sportingly rowed in our boys' second J18 four in the first division and may just have been a little tired! Battle will be rejoined at the Scottish Schools' Head in March next year.

On Saturday 14th November at the Inverness Fours Head on the Caledonian Canal, ASRA crews notched up four category wins:

Division 1

  • Men's Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Niall Rundle, Daniel McSherry, Gary Wilson & Atholl Wallace, coxed by Patrick Tawns
  • Women's Junior 16 Coxed Fours: Christie Duff, Emily Geddes, Morven Shaw & Holly Reid, coxed by Lily Taylor

Division 2

  • Women's Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Rachael Hadjitofi, Catriona Bain, Iona Riley & Jamie Steel, coxed by Lily Taylor
  • Men's Junior 14 Coxed Quads: Ben McColl, Jacob Vyse, Liam McCall & Mathew Snedden, coxed by Morven Shaw

Good and improving performances all round.



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2009 - Aberdeen Inter-Schools Regatta

On Saturday 6th June under the auspices of the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association the first ever Aberdeen Inter-Schools Regatta took place on the Dee. Representatives from six participating schools - Albyn School, Bankhead Academy, Cults Academy, Harlaw Academy, Hazlehead Academy and Kincorth Academy - took part in the 39 knock-out races for the Aberdeen Inter-Schools Cup. Outright winners in the end were the boys from Cults Academy - Callum Taylor, George Colleron, George Turner and Tom Cook, coxed by Tom Reevel of AUBC.

2009 results 6

The regatta was the culmination of months of work by the Lottery Funded ASRA Development Coach - Colin Wallace - and his supporting team recruited from AUBC, RGU and ASRA present and former pupils who together have been introducing the sport of rowing to schools across the city.

A big thank you to all the parents and helpers who helped to make a success of this event.

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Aberdeen Small Boats & Fours HORR

At the Aberdeen Small Boats Head on Sunday 16th November, ASRA won all 9 of the Junior events on offer. There were exciting internal tussles at all age levels, but two results were particularly outstanding.

Gary Wilson came a brilliant first out of 14 in Men's Novice Sculls against opposition from Heriot Watt, Dundee, Robert Gordon's & Aberdeen Universities and Rosie Morton totally upset the form book in the Women's J18 category by beating all her ASRA HIR team-mates for the first time. In so doing she beat the time of First Division Open Winner and GB Under 23 International, Stephanie McDowell.

At the Aberdeen Fours Head of the River on Saturday 15th November, ASRA racked up a total of 7 category wins, four of them against welcome opposition from our old rivals from George Heriot's School of Edinburgh.

These were:

• Open Men's Junior 18 Fours: Lewis Masson, Jonnay Wright, Oliver Hamlet, Gary Wilson (cox Petar Spanovic)

• Women's Junior 18 Fours: Rosie Morton, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain, Jamie Steel (cox Erin Wyness)

• Open Men's Junior 15 Fours: Lewis McCue, Nicholas Riddoch, Blair Sorbie, Robert Hamlet (cox Lily Taylor)

• Women's Junior 15 Fours: Christie Duff, Emily Geddes, Holly Reid, Morven Shaw (cox Amelia Donovan)

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

At the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on the River Dee on the 13th of September, Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association crews won a total of 26 events at both Junior and Senior levels.

Almost a clean sweep at Junior level as might have been expected with the only competition being provided by Inverness Rowing Club and St. Andrew Boat Club of Edinburgh, but excellent performances overall by our beginners from the Aberdeen Schools Lottery Funded Dry Start programme and outstanding wins by our older boys and girls against adult opposition indicate strength in depth at all levels within the club and promise well for the season ahead.

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Aberdeen Eights Head of the River Races

At the Aberdeen Eights Head of the River Races on Saturday 23rd February, again in the absence of any junior opposition ASRA faced, as anticipated, a fierce backlash from the university clubs they had had rather shown up on the Caledonian Canal the previous weekend.

In the first division in the Women's R2 event, Aberdeen University had, as expected, beefed up their crew considerably since Inverness. They had however failed to register the fact with the organising committee, were duly disqualified and had therefore to concede victory in the end to our girls.

Our crew - unaltered from Inverness - Lucy Bonnamy, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel, Catriona Bain, Rachael Hadjitofi, Rosie Morton, Fiona McKinnon & Holly Reid and coxed by Niall Ford - were of course delighted to accept the pot, given the fact that they had shipped a blade twice in the course of the race. In the second division in the Women's Open event, our girls engaged the bank twice on the way up river in what turned out to be a thrilling race, going down finally to AUBC by 4 seconds.

Our boys failed to reproduce the form they had shown in Inverness, but put up creditable performances in both divisions against powerful university opposition in events dominated by the students from Heriot-Watt University.

ASRA turning into a fierce headwind at the railway bridge

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Aberdeen HORR

At the Aberdeen Head of the River Races on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th November, ASRA crews recorded 4 major category wins against good opposition including crews from Heriott Watt University, Robert Gordon University, Dundee University, Stirling Boat Club and Aberdeen Boat Club.

• Women's R2 Coxed Fours: Lucy Bonnamy, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain & Jamie Steel coxed by Niall Ford

• Men's Novice Fours: Gary Wilson, Lewis Masson, Lewis Morton & Oliver Hamlet coxed by Lewis McCue

• Men's Junior 15 Coxed Fours: Atholl Wallace, Daniel McSherry, Christy Masson & Niall Rundle coxed by Nicolas Riddoch

• Men's Novice Doubles: Gary Wilson & Atholl Wallace

The following crews also won in boat categories where stout opposition was supplied from within our own ranks:

• Women's Junior 16 Coxed Fours: Jamie Steel, Iona Riley, Catriona Bain & Rachael Hadjitofi coxed by Niall Ford

• Men's Junior 16 Fours: Gary Wilson, Oliver Hamlet, Jonathan Wright & Lewis Masson coxed by Katherine Lawrie

• Women's Junior 15 Coxed Fours: Rosie Morton, Laura Smith, Pearl Black & Emily Geddes coxed by Christie Duff

• Men's Novice Coxed Quads: Atholl Wallace, Gary Wilson, Daniel McSherry & Niall Rundle coxed by Katherine Lawrie

• Women's Junior 16 Pairs: Iona Riley & Catriona Bain

• Women's J16 Single Scull: Iona Riley

• Women's Junior 14 Double: Emily Geddes & Holly Reid

• Women's Junior 15 Double: Rosie Morton & Fiona McKinnon

• Men's J14 Double: Robert Hamlet & Blair Sorbie

• Women's Junior 14 Coxed Quads: Holly Reid, Erin Wyness, Christie Duff & Katie Harrower coxed by Daniel McSherry

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

At the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Sunday 26th August, lively Junior opposition in the form of crews from Castle Semple and Inverness gave notice that they will be a force to be reckoned with this season at J16 and below.

There was also an early warning for our our senior girls - Jamie Steel, Rachael Hadjitofi, Iona Riley & Lucy Bonnamy - who, like last season at this time, went down to Veteran opposition from ABC in the final of Women's R2 Fours. Admittedly they were without the usual services of university-bound Joy Davies on the day, but still we might expect a little more from 3 Under-18 British Champions.

Elsewhere ASRA recorded a total of 9 wins in a variety of boat categories:

  • WJ 18 2- : Lucy Bonnamy & Rachael Hadjitofi
  • Women's Novice 1x : Lucy Bonnamy
  • Men's Novice 4+: Robert Hamlet, Oliver Hamlet, Daniel McSherry, Lewis Masson & cox Bruce Sorbie
  • WJ 16 2x : Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  • WJ16 1x : Iona Riley
  • MJ 16 1x : Gary Wilson
  • MJ14 2x : Atholl Wallace & Daniel McSherry
  • MJ 14 1x : Blair Sorbie
  • Mixed Invitation Novice 4x : Katherine Lawrie, Katie Harrower, Bruce Sorbie, Robert Hamlet & cox Blair Sorbie

Grateful thanks to all the parents and FPs who came along to support our team and special thanks once more to Alan Bonnamy for his first-class boat marshalling services.

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Aberdeen Head of River Dee

At the Aberdeen Head of the River Dee races on the weekend of 4/5 November, Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association members recorded the following category wins:

  •  Women's R2 Pairs: Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies
  •  Women's Novice Fours: Rachael Hadjitofi, Catriona Bain, Iona Riley, Jamie Steel & cox Niall Rundle.
  •  Women's Novice Single Sculls: Lucy Bonnamy & Joy Davies (First Equal)
  •  Women's J15 Double Sculls: Iona Riley & Jamie Steel
  •  Men's J15 Double Sculls: Gary Wilson & Johnathan Wright
  •  Men's J14 Quadruple Sculls: Blair Sorbie, Niall Rundle, Daniel McSherry, Atholl Wallace & cox Ilyes Dali-Ahmed

Particular congratulations to our J14 boys who finally overcame their formidable opposition from Stirling Boat Club.

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

At the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Saturday 9th September there was again unfortunately very little outside competition for our athletes. Stirling, Inverness and ABC did however give us food for thought in a number of events. Results were as follows:

  •  MJ13 1x : Blair Sorbie
  •  MJ14 1x : Atholl Wallace
  •  MJ16 1x, MJ18 1x & MR2 1x : Johnathan Lockhart
  •  MJ14 2x: Atholl Wallace & Blair Sorbie
  •  MJ16 2x: Johnathan Lockhart & Jonathan Wright
  •  WJ16 1x & WR2 1x: Catriona Bain
  •  W Novice 1x: Lucy Bonnamy
  •  WJ16 2x: Jamie Steel & Iona Riley
  •  WJ18 2x: Jamie Steel & Iona Riley
  •  WJ18 2- : Joy Davies & Lucy Bonnamy
  •  Mixed R2 2x: Joy Davies & Colin Wallace

Disappointing results for our perhaps overly complacent WR2 Coxed Four and Coxless Pair who were beaten comprehensively by an extremely neat quartet from Aberdeen Boat Club - Margaret Cottam, Mette Jacobsen, Angela Ogier & Vanessa Duncan - and Stirling clearly still have the beating of us in J14 Quads.

Atholl Wallace and new partner Blair Sorbie with their excellent row in MJ14 Doubles gave notice however that Stirling may not have it all their own way in 2007. Star discovery of the day was without doubt our WJ15 sculler Catriona Bain who made a nonsense of our established sculling ladder and in a whole series of powerful and elegant performances threw down the gauntlet for the season ahead.

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Aberdeen Eights HORR

At the Aberdeen Eights Head on Sunday 29th January on the Dee, our Novice Girls - Bow Katie Hiscox (Cults Academy), 2 Jamie Steel (Harlaw Academy), 3 Catriona Bain (Aberdeen Grammar), 4 Danielle McNaughton (Mearns Academy), 5 Beady Rice (Robert Gordon's College), 6 Iona Riley (Hazlehead Academy), 7 Joy Davies (Aberdeen Grammar), Stroke Lucy Bonnamy (Cults Academy) & cox Judith Herbert (RGU) took the Women's Novice Eights title in a field of five by a winning margin over 3K of 20 seconds. Second place went to the students of the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. The same crew with one change - Seonaid Crosby sitting in for Katie Hiscox - came a creditable second in the Women's R2 Division, the win by 11 seconds going to Gary Bain's ABC/AUBC/RGU development squad.

Our Novice Boys Michael Chalmers (Aberdeen College), Atholl Wallace((Meldrum Academy), Gary Wilson (Aberdeen Grammar), Tom Hunter(Robert Gordon's College), Ibrahim Dali-Ahmed (Cults Academy), William Vickers (Westhill Academy), Jonathan Wright,(Harlaw Academy) Johnathan Lockhart (Robert Gordon's College) & cox Daniel McSherry (Aberdeen Grammar) also put up a good performance to win the Men's Novice Eights title ... unfortunately unopposed but in some style and in a very respectable time of 11 minutes 8 seconds.

Congratulations to all who took part... in particular Karen Wilson, Pippa Davies & Blair Sorbie who had to fill in at the last minute for club members who disappointingly failed to show on the day.

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