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Home International Rowing Regatta 2022

On the 23rd July, competitors from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales came together at a sunny Royal Albert Dock in London, to compete in the 54th Home International Rowing Regatta. A total of nine athletes from ASRA were selected as part of the junior men’s and women’s sweep teams. The ASRA athletes headed south full of enthusiasm and confidence, following their recent successes at the British Junior Rowing Championships.

The girls JW4- of Freya Hughson, Rosie Wilson, Gemma Collins & Ella Brooks were racing together for a final time, before Rosie and Gemma head off to university later this summer. They began the day with a strong performance, pushing the English crew all the way to the line, to finish a close second. They then joined forces with girls from 3 other Scottish clubs to compete in the JW8+. They fought hard over the 2000m course; however they were again just pipped to the line by an excellent English crew.

It was then time for the boys JM4+ of Harris Pearce, Magnus Heidenreich, Murray Bone, Samuel Doherty & cox Samuel Cordiner to take to the water. The boys raced hard to earn a third place ahead of the Welsh. Still a relatively young crew, they couldn’t quite keep in touch with the blistering pace set by the more experienced English and Irish crews. Great experience however for next year, where they will undoubtedly come back stronger, wiser and faster. They boys also paired up with other Scottish athletes to race in the JM8+ where they took another well-earned third place.

The day’s racing culminated in a series of new sprint races, introduced for the first time at this year’s event. Despite some initial reservations, this new race format provided some fast and furious racing in both eights and quads. This was thoroughly enjoyed by many spectators, including a significant ASRA contingent, who had lined the length of the course to scream on the crews. Both the Boys and Girls eights powered their way down the course to finish a very close second behind the English. A great way to end a brilliant day, where the ASRA athletes did their country, ASRA and themselves proud.

Bring on next session!

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ASRA at the GB U19 GB Rowing Trials

The GB Rowing Team Under 19 Regatta took place on Sunday 24th April at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, with Scotland’s junior rowers excelling despite the challenging circumstances.

In the women’s pairs event, ASRA's Maisie Aspinall and Zoe Beeson were the standout combination across both the time trial, which they won by over 5 seconds, and in their final.  Scotland demonstrated real strength in depth in this event producing 50% of the rowers who qualified for the A final.

A full account of the regatta can be found on the Scottish Rowing website using the following link:

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Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta 2022

The Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association attended the Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta on 23 & 24 April at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, competing against crews from across Scotland, the North of England and Northern Ireland.  Sunny weather was accompanied by a strong cross wind and choppy water -  challenging conditions for the athletes but there were plenty of strong performances as the club took part in their first open regatta of the season.

Gold medals were won in the following races:

  • Women’s Junior 18 coxless pairs – Freya Hughson & Rosie Wilson.
  • Women’s Junior 18 coxed fours – Freya Hughson, Rosie Wilson, Gemma Collins & Sophia Brew, coxed by Rory Trythall.
  • Open Junior 18 coxed eights – Harris Pearce, Sam Doherty, Murray Bone, William Lawson, Christy Probart, Gregor Macleod, Henrik Gundersen & Callum Sherwood, coxed by Lily Arthur.
  • Open Junior 18 coxless fours – Murray Bone, Sam Doherty, William Lawson & Christy Probart.
  • Open Junior coxed fours – Harris Pearce, Magnus Heidenreich, Gregor Macleod & Magnus Lawson, coxed by Lily Arthur.
  • Open Junior 18 coxless pairs – Sam Doherty & Murray Bone
  • Open Junior 16 coxless pairs – Magnus Heidenreich & Harris Pearce
  • Open Junior 15 double sculls – Callum Sherwood & Jack Winton.
  • Open Junior 15 single sculls – Callum Sherwood.

Silver medals were awarded to:

  • Open Junior 15 coxed quadruple sculls – Callum Sherwood, Lily Arthur, Jack Winton & Gabrielle Topp, coxed by Mackenzie Reid.
  • Women’s Junior 14 single sculls – Gabrielle Topp
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Lockdown Regatta

A group of our younger and less experienced athletes, who weren’t racing at the British Junior Championships, travelled to Glasgow to represent ASRA at the Scottish Rowing ‘Lochdown Regatta’ on July 24th. There were a lot of strong performances at a well attended regatta, with some standout racing from the J14s and J15s, showing that we have very promising athletes coming through the club. Full results below and well done to everyone who competed!

  • 🥇 GOLD OJ15 4x+ (Gregor M, Harris P, Magnus H, Magnus L and Sam C)
  • 🥇 GOLD OJ14 4x+ (Harry M, Jack W, Mackenzie R, Calum S )
  • 🥇 GOLD OJ15 2x (Magnus L, Magnus H)
  • 🥇 GOLD OJ15 1x (Magnus H)
  • 🥇 GOLD WJ15 2x (Emily S, Sophie S)
  • 🥇 GOLD WJ15 4x+ (Ella J, Emily S, Isla P, Sophie S )
  • 2nd ONov4x+ (Gemma C, Kate G, Rosie W, Tegan J )
  • 2nd WJ14 2x (Gabrielle T, Lily A)
  • 2nd WJ15 2x (Isla P, Penny I)
  • 3rd WNov 2x (Freya C, Gemma C)
  • 4th WNov 2x (Kate G, Tegan J)
  • 2nd WJ15 1x (Emily S)
  • 3rd WJ15 1x (Sophie S)
  • 5th WJ15 1x (Isla P)
  • 6th WJ15 1x (Ella J)
  • 7th WJ15 1x (Penny I)
  • 2nd WJ14 1x (Gabrielle T)
  • 2nd ONov4+ (Magnus H, Dom R, Gregor M, Magnus L)
  • 4th OJ15 2x (Gregor M, Sam C)
  • 2nd OJ14 2x (Calum S, Jack W)
  • 3rd OJ14 2x (Harry M, Mackenzie R)
  • 3rd OJ15 1x (Magnus L)
  • 4th OJ15 1x (Gregor M)
  • 5th OJ15 1x (Sam C)
  • 3rd OJ14 1x (Calum S)
  • 4th OJ15 1x (Jack W)
  • 5th OJ15 1x (Harry M)
  • 6th OJ15 1x (Mackenzie R)
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Henley Women's Regatta 2021

Over the weekend of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July ASRA competed in the Junior Women's Coxed Fours event for the Groton School Challenge Cup, at the Henley Women’s Regatta. The crew consisted of Freya Hughson (J16), Zoe Beeson (J16), Maisie Aspinall (J17) and Sophia Brew (J17), coxed by Isla Petty (J15)  and even though the Covid-19 restrictions in place meant that the event was missing its usual contingent of overseas crews, the standard of the event was as high as ever with tough competition across the field. Our ASRA girls put in a highly competitive performance in the Time Trial to come 4th out of the 17 crews entered and that allowed them a bye through to the first round on Saturday afternoon and straight into the second round. The girls then made it through to the semi-finals on Sunday where they came up against formidable competition from The Glasgow Academy, the eventual winners of the event, and unfortunately lost out by only two lengths to be knocked out of the competition. Making it to the semi-finals of Henley Women’s Regatta is no small achievement, a fantastic effort  and well done to all of the girls!

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Scottish Rowing Summer Regatta 2021

At Scottish Rowing’s Junior Summer Regatta held at the National Rowing Centre, Strathclyde Park on Saturday 5thJune, athletes from the Aberdeen Schools’ Rowing Association, brushed aside the effects of a punishing racing schedule down at the National Schools and Scullery Regattas at Dorney Lake, Eton, just last weekend and put in a series of outstanding performances against the best of Scotland’s junior rowers to win a total of 6 gold and 3 silver medals.


  • Women’s Junior 15 Quadruple Sculls: Charlotte Arthur, Maggie Seward, Sophie Sinclair & Emily Simpson, coxed by Erin Gibson
  • Women’s Junior 15 Double Sculls: Maggie Seward & Emily Simpson
  • Men’s Junior  15 Quadruple Sculls: Magnus Heidenreich, Gregor Macleod, Magnus Lawson & Harris Pearce , coxed by Sam Cordiner
  • Women’s Junior 16 Single Sculls: Zoe Beeson
  • Men’s Junior 16 Doubles: Murray Bone & Sam Doherty
  • Men’s Junior 18 Single Sculls: Matthew Hughson


  • Women’s Junior 14 Double Sculls: Lily Arthur & Gabrielle Topp
  • Women’s Junior 15 Double Sculls: Charlotte Arthur & Sophie Sinclair
  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxless Fours: Freya Hughson, Maisie Aspinall, Zoe Beeson & Sophia Brew

Grateful thanks to all the parents who stepped in to ferry our troops to the event when our new minibus lost power enroute and had to be returned to the boathouse.

A selection of photos from the day are available to view in the Photo Gallery 


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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta 2019

At the annual Aberdeen Sprint Regatta on Saturday 31st August on the Dee, ASRA was the most successful of the six clubs taking part, amassing a total of 80 points over the day’s racing. Runners up were Stirling Rowing Club with 72 points. ASRA’s 14 category winners were:

  • Men’s Restricted 1 Coxed Fours: Michel Dearsley, Scott Lewis, Euan Fowler & Alex Beeson, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • Men’s Novice Double Sculls: William Penny & Gregor Charles
  • Men’s J16 Double Sculls: Will Cooper & William Lawson
  • Men’s Open Single Sculls: Jakub Zbikowski
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Single Sculls: Euan Fowler
  • Men’s Novice Single Sculls: Michel Dearsley
  • Men’s J16 Single Sculls: William Lawson
  • Women’s Restricted 2 Coxless Pairs: Zoe Beeson & Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s J15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Erin Gibson, Phoebe McCraith, Gabrielle Topp & Emily Simpson, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • Women’s J16 Double Sculls: Zoe Beeson & Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s J14 Double Sculls: Charlotte Reynolds & Freya Hughson
  • Women’s J16 Single Sculls: Maisie Aspinall
  • Women’s Duathlon (Run + 1x) : Maisie Aspinall
  • Men’s Duathlon (Run + 1x) : Alex Beeson
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ASRA at the 2019 Home Countries International Regatta

On the 17th July at the 2019 Home Countries International Regatta, held this year at the Scottish National Rowing Centre, Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, 8 ASRA athletes swapped their customary black and white all-in-ones for Scottish blue and made an outstanding contribution towards Scotland’s victory in the Junior Men’s section of the HIR for only the second time in the 57 years history of this event.

Valuable points were added to the junior men’s total by ASRA’s Xander Beeson, Chris Bardas, Aidan Graham & Robert Davis of St Andrew Boat Club Davis in the men’s junior coxless four and by ASRA’s J16 quartet – Gregor Charles, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Ballance – in the coxed fours event, but after the penultimate junior men’s race, Scotland and England stood equal in the points table and final victory depended on the outcome of the eights race.

After a disappointing start which left them trailing the pack at 500 metres, the Scots eight - Mathew Hughson (ASRA), Rhuari Stuart (Heriot’s), Aidan Graham (ASRA/St Andrew’s Uni), Ashley Geddes (ASRA), Scott Lewis (ASRA), Chris Bardas (ASRA), Xander Beeson (ASRA), Gregor Charles (ASRA) and Robert Davis (St Andrew BC), coxed by Yousef Djoudi (Glasgow Academy) - looked to have thrown the game away but stroke by stroke they gradually pulled themselves back through Wales and England to be just beaten by the Irish on the line in one of the most exciting races of the day. This second position was however enough to place the Scotland’s junior men one point ahead of England and 2 points ahead of Ireland in the final points tally and made them deserved 2019 Home Countries Champions.

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National Schools Regatta, 2019


From the 24th to the 26th May, at the prestigious National Schools Regatta, held annually on the Olympic course at Dorney Lake, Eton, 20 athletes from the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association took a break from their SQA commitments to join 5000 of Great Britain’s best young rowers to compete for national titles.

Of the seven race categories entered, our athletes succeeded in fighting their way through time-trials and semi-finals to reach the “A” Finals (last six) in five of them and the podium in one.

ASRA’s star J17 Four - Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski - who took gold in 2016, 2017 and 2018 at this regatta, had to be odds-on favourites in the Schools Fours Cup, but on this occasion just lost out in their characteristic charge for the line to the boys from Westminster School Boat Club by 0.6 of a second... nevertheless a brilliant silver for them and their cox Skye Ballance in a field of 17 crews, where all the home countries were represented.

Disappointment too for ASRA’s J18 girls who just a fortnight ago took gold for Great Britain at the Munich Junior International Regatta. Abigail Topp and Megan Hewison looked to have coped successfully with the double pressure of a punishing GB training schedule and school exams as they powered their way to a thrilling second position in a field of 27 crews in the time trial and all set to podium in the Girls’ Championship Coxless Pairs event, but sadly finally ran out of steam, as they ended up an untypically jaded fifth in the hotly contended final of the event.

A great deal of credit has to go also to our younger J15 and J16 athletes for reaching the “A” finals in....

  • J15 Coxed Fours (5th) Alex Fowler, Will Cooper, Joe Ritchie & Christy Probart, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • J16 Eights (6th) Harris Macdonald, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis, Oscar Forbes, Gregor Charles, Michel Dearsley, Archie Innes & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Ballance
  • J16 Quadruple Sculls (6th) Oscar Forbes, Ashley Geddes, Archie Innes & Matthew Hughson
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Castle Semple Regatta 2019

At the Castle Semple Regatta, Lochwinnoch, on Saturday 18th May, ASRA’s athletes won 8 gold medals and came second in 5 further events in their last multi-lane regatta in Scotland before they move on this coming weekend to challenge the cream of English rowing at the National Schools’ Regatta on Dorney Lake, Eton.

Gold medals were won in...

  • Women’s Open Single Sculls: Megan Hewison
  • Women’s Junior 18 Single Sculls: Megan Hewison
  • Men’s Open Coxed Fours: Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Skye Balance
  • Men’s Open Coxless Pairs: Chris Bardas & Xander Beeson
  • Men’s J18 Coxless Pairs: Chris Bardas & Xander Beeson
  • Men’s Novice Fours: Alex Fowler, Joe Ritchie, Euan Fowler & Will Cooper, coxed by Steph Lowe
  • Men’s Junior 15 Fours: Alex Fowler, Joe Ritchie, Maisie Aspinall & Will Cooper, coxed by Julia Zbikowska
  • Men’s Novice Single Sculls: Euan Fowler

Congratulations also go to our rowers who came so close to gold in Women’s Junior 15 Quadruple Sculls, Men’s Junior 15 Double Sculls, Women’s Junior 15 Single Sculls, Women’s J14 Double Sculls & Women’s Junior 13 Double Sculls.

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Local Press Feature ASRA Girls

Abigail and Megan's achievements with the GB team at the recent Munich International Regatta feature in the local press.

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North East Regatta Aberdeen

On Saturday, 4th May at Aberdeen’s own North East Regatta, ASRA’s younger members were taking what might be for them the first steps on the long road to GB selection, by recording impressive wins in three adult events:

  • Women’s Novice Double Sculls: Maisie Aspinall & Zoe Beeson
  • Open Novice Double Sculls: Alex Fowler & Joe Ritchie
  • Open Novice Coxed Fours: Alex Fowler, Will Cooper, Joe Ritchie & Christy Probart, coxed by Erin Gibson
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Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta 2019 (formerly known as the Strathclyde Park Regatta)

On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April, having just returned from their annual training camp in Regensburg on the Danube, athletes from the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association put in a series of strong performances at Scotland’s National Rowing Centre in Motherwell, to win a total of 8 gold medals and three silvers in this, the first multi- lane event of the 2019 rowing season.


  • Scottish Universities “B” Eights Challenge Winners (and a brilliant second in Men’s Open Eights): - ASRA’s J16 Eight - Harris Macdonald, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis, Oscar Forbes, Gregor Charles, Michel Dearsley, Archie Innes & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Ballance

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  • Men’s Open Restricted 1 Coxed Fours & Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Fours: Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Skye Ballance

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  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Abigail Topp & Megan Hewison
  • Men’s Open Junior 15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Alex Fowler, Joe Ritchie, Jayros James & Will Cooper, coxed by Erin Gibson

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  • Women’s Junior 15 Double Sculls: Maisie Aspinall & Zoe Beeson

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  • Women’s Junior 14 Double Sculls: Zoe Beeson & Freya Hughson

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  • Women’s Junior 13 Doubles: Erin Gibson & Phoebe McCraith

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  • Women’s Restricted 1 Single Sculls: Abigail Topp

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  • Women’s Junior 15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Maisie Aspinall, Zoe Beeson Freya Hughson & Phoebe McCraith, coxed by Erin Gibson

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  • Women’s Junior 14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Freya Hughson, Charlotte Arthur, Ella Johnston & Charlotte Reynolds, coxed by Erin Gibson

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Henley Women's Regatta

On the 22nd June our ASRA Senior Girls travelled down to the prestigious 3-day Henley Women’s Regatta on the Thames in order to enter the lists again after a gap of three years in the Girls’ Champion Coxed Fours event for the Groton Cup. 18 clubs including all the usual household names from the length and breadth of England and three crews from the USA took part in the event this year.

ASRA’s Abigail Topp, Ellie Andrew, Megan Lewis & Megan Hewison, coxed by Will Cooper had not had the best of preparations for this regatta due to heavy exam commitments and illness, but put up a good performance to come 7th out of 18 in the Time Trials on Saturday and then made short work of the girls from Maidstone Invicta in the first round in order to progress to the last eight on Sunday morning. The USA Scholastic Junior Champions from Lower Merion High School, Pennsylvania, proved however to be a much tougher proposition, and having slipped in the second 500 metres to a three length deficit, our girls’ heroic challenges in the last 500 metres were just not enough in the end to secure a place in the semi-final.

This crew is eligible to compete in this event again in 2019 and there is little doubt that, given sufficient commitment, they are eminently capable of emulating ASRA’s Christie Duff, Emily Geddes, Holly Reid & Morven Shaw ,who brought the Groton Cup back to Aberdeen in 2012, despite having been eliminated in the quarter final of the event in 2011.

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National Schools Regatta, Dorney Lake, Eton 2018

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association athletes have just returned from Dorney Lake, Eton – the 2012 Olympic rowing venue – after competing in the 2018 National Schools’ Regatta. Over 5000 competitors from all over the UK took part in the three-day event and ASRA equalled the club’s 2012 triumph at this regatta by coming home once more with 2 outstanding gold medals.

ASRA’s J18 duo - Miles Beeson and Robert Powell - ranked 3rd in the latest GB junior trials and looking increasingly likely to be selected for the Junior World’s - reigned supreme from the outset in the Championship Coxless Pairs event for the Nick Bevan Cup. First in their time trial in a field of 35 and first in their semi-final, they dominated the final from the start to win in the end by over 3 seconds from the Enniskillen Royal pair from Northern Ireland in second place and Walton Rowing Club in third.

Nat Schools Champ Pair

Our Junior 16 foursome – Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Xander Beeson & Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Hannah Watson – with their brilliant record of golds at this regatta in 2016 and 2017 – were not to be outshone by their older clubmates. In the Junior 16 Coxed Fours event for the Arundel Cup, they provided one of the most exciting finishes of the day as they raced neck and neck with St Georges College from the 200 metres mark to beat them into second place in the end by a breath-taking 0.87 seconds. Emanuel College took third place.

Nat Schools J16 4

Our J15 victors from the Schools ‘Head Race on the Tideway in March – Harris MacDonald, Ashley Geddes, Scott Lewis, William Bricknell, Archie Innes, Michel Dearsley, Oscar Forbes & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Balance - were naturally a little disappointed in the final of Junior 15 First Eights for the Founders Cup when they were beaten in the end into bronze by more experienced squads from St. Pauls’ and Westminster, particularly since they had come first in the time trial for the event and a good second in their semi-final.

Nat Schools J15 8

Improving performances from our Non-Championship J18 Eight, our J18 Girls Four and our J16Pair saw them reach the A Finals in their highly competitive events.


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Castle Semple Regatta 2018

At the Castle Semple Regatta, Lochwinnoch, on Saturday 12th May, ASRA’s athletes won 9 gold medals and came second in 4 further events in this, the last multi-lane regatta in Scotland before they move on to challenge the cream of English rowing at the National Schools Regatta on Dorney Lake, Eton, in a fortnight’s time.

Gold medals were won in...

    • Men’s Junior Coxless J18 Pairs: Miles Beeson & Robert Powell
    • Women’s Junior 13 Single Sculls: Zoe Beeson
    • Men’s J16 Single Sculls: Jakub Zbikowski
    • Men’s Novice Coxed Fours: Michel Dearsley, William Bricknell, Ashley Geddes, Harris Macdonald, coxed by Hannah Watson
    • Men’s Junior 14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Will Cooper, Harris Pearce, Ben Milne & Joe Ritchie, coxed by Hannah Watson
    • Men’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Seth Turner, Theo Stott, Sam Kelso, Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Michael McCrory
    • Women’s Open & Women’s J18 Single Sculls: Megan Hewison
    • Men’s Open Eights: Harris Macdonald, Ashley Geddes, Connor Kennedy, William Bricknell, Michel Dearsley, Oscar Forbes, Gregor Charles & Matthew Hughson, coxed by Skye Ballance

Congratulations go also to our runners up in Men’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs, Men’s Novice Coxed Fours, Women’s Junior 14 Doubles & Men’s J13 Single Sculls.

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Strathclyde Park Regatta 2018

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April, newly returned from their Easter Camp in Regensburg on the Danube, athletes from the Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association (ASRA) put in strong performances at Scotland’s National Rowing Centre, Motherwell, to win a total of 9 golds and 6 silvers in this, the first multi-lane rowing event of the 2018 season.

Saturday Winners

  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours: Abigail Topp (Kemnay), Ellie Andrew (Mackie), Laura Barraclough (Cults) & Megan Hewison (Ellon) coxed by Will Cooper (Albyn)
  • Men’s Junior 16 Coxless Pairs: Chris Bardas (Harlaw) & Xander Beeson (Albyn)
  • Men’s Restricted 1 Pairs: Miles Beeson (Albyn) & Robert Powell (Albyn)
  • Men’s Novice Eights: Harris Macdonald (Albyn), Michel Dearsley(Cults), Scott Lewis (Mearns), William Bricknel (Grammar)l, Archie Innes (Harlaw), Ashley Geddes (Grammar), Oscar Forbes (Albyn) & Matthew Hughson (Grammar), coxed by Skye Balance ( Cults)
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Fours: Seth Turner (Cults), Chris Bardas (Harlaw), Xander Beeson (Albyn) & Jakub Zbikowski (Harlaw), coxed by Hannah Watson(RGU)
  • Men’s Junior 18 Pairs: Miles Beeson (Albyn) & Robert Powell (Albyn)

Sunday Winners

  • Men’s J14 Coxed Quadruple Sculls: Joe Ritchie(Grammar), Alex Fowler (Albyn), Harris Pearce (Portlethen) & Will Cooper (Albyn), coxed by Hannah Watson (RGU)
  • Women’s Junior 18 Coxless Pairs: Abigail Topp (Kemnay) & Megan Hewison (Ellon)
  • Men’s Restricted 2 Eights: Sam Kelso (Albyn), Conrad Forbes (Albyn), Robert Powell(Albyn), Miles Beeson(Albyn), Daniel Skinner (Banchory), Theo Stott (Harlaw), Josh Berrie (Ellon) & Aidan Graham (Cults), coxed by Michael McCrory (Grammar)

Noteworthy silver medals went to ASRA athletes in Restricted 1 Coxed Fours, Junior 16 Coxless Pairs, Mens’ Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls, Women’s Junior 14 Double Sculls, Men’s Junior 18 Coxed Fours & Men’s Novice Coxed Fours.

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Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

On Saturday 19 August, ASRA athletes joined in the fun of the Aberdeen Sprint Regatta.

Competing against two other ASRA crews, the winners of the Open Novice Coxed Quadruple Sculls were the crew of Archie Innes, William Bricknell, Connor Kennedy and Harris Pearce, coxed by Skye Ballance.

In a straight final between two ASRA crews, Seth Turner and Sam Kelso triumphed in the Open Restricted 1 Double Sculls.

In the Women’s Novice Coxed Four, ASRA’s Skye Ballance, Steph Low, Meg Lewis and Iona Adams, coxed by Cheyanne Taylor won an exciting semi-final against one Aberdeen Boat Club crew before succumbing to a second ABC crew in the final.

In Open Restricted 2 Single Sculls, our best placed athlete was the runner up Theo Stott. Theo had beaten Sam Kelso in the semi-final but lost to ABC’s Thomas Little who had already despatched Josh Berrie and Seth Turner en-route to victory.

ASRA athletes flooded the Open Novice Single Sculls with a field of 13 and provided what was arguably the most entertaining series of racing of the day. The deserving victor was Oscar Forbes who held on for tight “canvas” wins in his semi-final against Scott Lewis and in the final against Michel Dearsley. Well done to all who took part in these races – a couple of whom had literally only been out in a single one or two times but were up for the challenge of taking part.

The ASRA crew of Skye Ballance, Steph Low, Iona Adams and Cheyanne Taylor were runners up in the Women’s Coxed Quadruple Sculls.

Sam Kelso and Conrad Forbes steered an interesting line, but a straighter one than their opponents Seth Turner and Theo Stott to win the closest race of the day; 2 feet the winning margin in Open Restricted 2 Pairs.

The winners of a six crew field in Open Junior 14 Double Sculls were Ashley Geddes and Archie Innes.

Not to be outdone by our Novice Men, a total of nine entries were made in Women’s Novice Single Sculls from ASRA, ABC and Inverness. Skye Ballance sculled her socks off to win her three races and the gold medal. Again, well done to all our entrants in this event.

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National Schools Regatta, Dorney Lake

Mariner’s Cup Win for Aberdeen

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association have just returned from Dorney Lake – the 2012 Olympic rowing venue – after competing in the 2017 National Schools Regatta. In the premier junior regatta of the UK season, with over 5000 competitors, ASRA returned with an excellent haul of a gold medal and two bronze medals.

On Friday 26. May, ASRA boys Seth Turner, Chris Bardas, Alexander Beeson and Jakub Zbikowski, coxed by Michael McCrory grabbed an impressive bronze medal in the Junior 15 Coxed Quadruple Sculls. After a time trial and semi- finals, the field of 44 crews was reduced six. In the final, a length down from the winners, Henley Rowing Club, the boys had a tremendous tussle with two other crews; eventually finishing a metre behind 2nd place and the same ahead of 4th place.

On Saturday 27.May, the same crew of Seth, Chris, Alexander, Jakub and Michael (cox) entered their preferred event, the Junior 15 Coxed Fours. After progressing smoothly through the opening rounds, the final developed into an attritional battle between ASRA and Walton Rowing Club. The ASRA boys pushed their bows in front after the first 250m of the 2000m race and steadily opened this up to a lead of one boat length. Every time Walton managed to lift their rating and claw back some of the difference, the ASRA crew managed to find a little extra and open the lead back up again, eventually crossing the line in first place to win the prestigious Mariner’s Cup for Aberdeen.

On the same day, ASRA Junior 17 boys Conrad Forbes, Miles Beeson, Robert Powell and Theo Stott, also coxed by Michael McCrory, were entered in First Coxed Fours event. After progressing into the A Final the race started well for the ASRA boys and they were in a tight battle with two other crews. However, St George’s College and Tideway Scullers pushed ahead after 1000m, with the former winning a very tight race for gold; and with ASRA unable to respond to the quickening pace, the boys were left in a comfortable bronze medal position.

In other events ASRA crews gained very respectable results. The crew of Harris MacDonald, Scott Lewis, William Bricknell, Ashley Geddes, Archie Innes, Michel Dearsley, Matthew Hughson and Oscar Forbes, coxed by Ben Milne, came 5th in the A Final of Junior 14 Coxed Octuple Sculls. The crew of Abigail Topp, Ellie Andrew, Meg Lewis and Megan Hewison, coxed by Emily Murdoch reached the semi-finals of the Junior 16 Girls Coxed Fours and the crew of Aidan Graham, Danny Skinner, Daniel Lynch and Sam Kelso reached the semi-finals of the Junior 16 Coxless Fours.

Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association will now be training for the Scottish Rowing Championships on the 9th – 11th June at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell.

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Aberdeen Scratch Regatta

Results table from the Aberdeen Scratch Regatta held on May 7th

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